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Get started on the path to improving your life or your child's life by gaining many important life skills that Martial Arts training provides.  Our amazing Karate classes offer not only Self Defense skills but also give our students the tools they need for success in life.  Through continuous training they gain Self Discipline, Confidence, and Self Respect.  They learn Goal Setting and Leadership Skills and you will improve your Social Skills. 

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Here are just a few reasons why our studios stand out from the rest:


- No gimmicks and no up-selling.

- There is no joining fee or sign up fee.  

- There are no long term contracts.  Our membership is on a month to month basis.

- We offer unlimited classes during the month.

- Our schedule is very flexible with many classes to chose from.

- We offer weekend classes.

- There are no program upgrades.  You will learn everything you need to know without the need to pay extra.  

- Great referral program !

- Included in our program at no extra cost: 

  • Basic and advanced empty hand techniques and kicks
  • Martial Arts weapon training
  • Sparring
  • Forms and Katas
  • Board breaking
  • Pressure point techniques
  • Grappling
  • Techniques to escape holds, grabs, and chokes
  • Weapon disarment
  • Instructor training












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Classes for Children

Children will learn Kempo Karate that includes the traditional stances, blocks, strikes, and kicks.  This style also encompases Forms, or Katas, Sparring and Okinawan weapons. 

In addition to Kempo Karate children also learn grappling and escapes from various grabs, chokes, and holds.


Classes for Adults

The adult classes provide basic Kempo Karate training but focus more on the self defense, grappling, and jujitsu.  It also incorporates joint manuvers and pressure point techniques for a well rounded training.  



Self Defense for Women

Self defense and self protection are a priority for women. The most common crime against a woman is rape. It is usually more about a feeling of dominance than the actual act of rape.  We give women the tools necessary to prevent the crime and to protect themselves if the crime is being commited.



Fitness and Weigth Loss

This fun and energetic workout will get your heart pumping, your muscles tigthening and unwanted pounds coming off!   Its a combination of stretching, cardio, resistance and weigth training. Great for beginners as well as athletes. 


Corporate Seminars

Give your employees something they will trully appreciate.  Our workshops are very informative, fun, and they promote collaboration and teamwork.  Happy employees are the key to your business's success!



Private lessons are great for those who want that individual attention.  The instructor will work with you one-on-one to work on your specific needs. 


After School Program

Our Pick Up After School Program provides a great alternative to a traditional after school care at affordable prices.  Children are picked up from their school and brought to our studio.  There they can have a snack, do their homework, take a Karate class or just relax and play with their friends.

Birthday Parties

We provide fun and unique Birthday Parties for children. No previous Karate experience is required.  Choose one of  our awesome parties:

Karate Parties, Nerf Battles, Bouncy House Parties, Rock Climbing Parties, or a Bungee Trampoline Parties.



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