Clark's Self Defense Studio
Clark's Self Defense Studio

Group Classes

Children's Self Defense Classes

Ages 4 to 12


These classes offer traditional Kempo Karate training that includes strikes, kicks, blocks, forms, sparring, and Okinawan weapons.     We use standard Kempo belt ranking system to help children set and reach their goals.  In addition to Kempo Karate, children also learn how to grapple and how to escape different grabs and holds.  We do our best to give our students a well rounded Martial Arts and Self Defense education.


To maximize learning we separate our students based on their age and rank.  Our younger group includes children between the ages of 4 and 7, and our older children include ages 8 to 12.  Classes are offered daily for each group.  Uniforms are required to attend these classes.


Adult Self Defense Classes

Ages 13 +


Our adult classes focus heavier on the Self Defense part of the training than on the Kempo Karate training.  These classes are designed to offer more practical type of training.  Students learn how to defend themselves in case of an attack by escaping the hold and immobolizing the attacker.  Sparring, Grappling and Jujitsu are also included in these classes.




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