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Clark's Self Defense Studio

Program Overview

Clark's Self Defense is a Kempo Karate school with a special emphasis on self-defense techniques. Our class schedule is designed to offer classes for each level at various times during the week, so you are sure to find class times that fit into your busy schedule. Our classes include: children, ages 5 to 14; adults, ages 15 and up; and Women’s Self Defense. All of our classes start with conditioning and stretching exercises, progressing into basics and finishing with techniques and forms. Certified Black Belt instructors teach our classes with an occasional beginning class taught by our own certified Brown Belt Assistant teachers. Our Brown Belt students assist in the beginner classes as part of their testing requirements.


In addition to the regular classes, we offer a few specialty classes.  All classes, except for the Tournament Team, are included in our monthly tuition and you do not have to pay extra to attend any of these classes. 


Sparring and Forms classes are for Orange belts and higher. Full sparring gear is required to participate in sparring. No contact is observed for younger students and light contact to the body is normal for older students.


Weapons classes are for Blue belts and above with permission of the instructor. This usually means that a student has mastered his/her open hand forms for Blue belt before they start Weapons class. A staff form is learned first.


SAFE Techniques classes offer students a chance to focus on their self-defense techniques by offering animal techniques; grabs and holds; club techniques; other self-defense techniques. These are all required on each belt test.


Our Brown and Black Belt classes are for the advanced student to work on their higher material.


Every month we organize a special seminar or movie nights for our students. Board Breaking, Nunchaku, Kali Sticks and Special Techniques are all examples of seminars. On Movie Night, we watch a Karate movie or a kid friendly movie and enjoy popcorn, chips and pretzels.


Tournament and Demo Teams are for students who have earned the rank of Blue Belt or higher and enjoy going to competitions. They train once a week, September through June and do demonstrations at tournaments run by Clark’s Self Defense studios. There is an extra fee for the tournament team.


In addition to regular and special classes, we offer both private as well as semi-private hour and ½ hour lessons for our students. These are especially helpful for intermediate and advanced belts as the material needed for tests is cumulative. So, each belt has to know more and more to advance to the next level. Some students have a regularly scheduled private lesson. All privates are taught by Black Belt instructors.


Finally, we hold two to three Tournaments each year to give our students a chance to compete in weapons, forms and sparring. Our December tournament is open mainly to our students, including our After School Programs. March brings our Young Warriors Challenge.  This is a great one to bring those beginning younger students for their first tournament experience, as it is only open to CSD students. Our June tournament is the biggest and we usually invite several schools from our local area.


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