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Clark's Self Defense Studio

Karate and Self Defense for Teens and Adults

Clark's Self Defense offers a complete Self Defense System.

Teen and Adult Self Defense Classes

Ages 13 +


In our Teen and Adult Martial Arts classes students are provided with a high quality self defense curriculum.  Classes are based in the traditional Kempo Karate and focus heavily on Self Defense training and techniques.  Curriculum is designed to offer  practical training that can be applied in a real world situation.  Students learn to be aware and how to detect danger and avoid being attacked in the first place.  Through our Self Defense training, teens and adults also learn how to defend themselves in case an attack occurs by escaping the hold and immobolizing the attacker. 

In addition to practical self defense training, students learn other aspects of Martial Arts including Sparring, Grappling and Jujitsu as well as traditional and modern weapon training.


Clark's Self Defense in Sarasota, FL provides fun and empowering Martial Arts classes for Teens and Adults.   Studying Martial Arts is something that any person of any age or fitness level can do.  Through continuous Martial Arts training Teens and Adults gain ability to defend themselves while improving their physical fitness and self confidence. 


Teen and Adult Self defense classes are so much more than punching and kicking!

In our self defense classes students are provided all the tools they need to succeed and improve their skill and fitness level.  Our qualified and inspiring instructors work within each student's abilities to increase situational awareness, develop self defense skills and confidence as well as to build core strength and endurance. 


Clark's Self Defense wants to help you Protect Yourself while increasing your Fitness Level


Motivated Martial Arts students will gain a wide range of benefits including:

- Self Protection Skills

- Improved Physical Fitness

- Weight Loss

- Increased Awareness and Focus

- Decreased Stress and Anxiety


Our Karate and Self Defense classes for Adults and Teens will not only give you the ability to defend yourself but will also help you build core strength, improve flexibility and stamina, and help you lose the extra pounds leading to a more fit, more confident and happier version of you.


Whatever you fitness goal are, you can achieve them in our Martial Arts Classes!




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