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Karate Classes For Kids

Kid's Self Defense Classes

Ages 4 to 12


Our Karate classes for kids offer traditional Kempo Karate training that includes strikes, kicks, blocks, forms, sparring, grappling and Okinawan weapons.     We use standard Kempo belt ranking system to help children set and reach their goals.  In addition to Kempo Karate, kids learn self defense and how to escape different grabs and holds.   We give our students a well rounded Martial Arts and Self Defense education.


Clark's Self Defense Karate classes for kids enhance Respect, build Self Confidence and Self Esteem leading to less Bullying and better behavior at school and at home.  With its rigorous curriculum, Kids Karate classes increase the physical fitness level and overall health of children


To maximize learning we separate our students based on their age and rank.  Our younger kids Karate class includes children between the ages of 4 and 7, and our older kids group includes children between the ages of 8 and 12.  Classes are offered daily for each group.  Karate Uniforms are required to attend these classes.

Karate classes for kids provides benefits in many areas of your child's life.  Here are just a few you may notice as your child continues to attend Karate Classes at Clark's Self Defense in Sarasota, FL:


- Higher physical fitness level

- Self Defense Skills

- Less social media and screen dependance

- Better Focus and Concentration

- More Confidence

- Increased Social Skills




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