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 Sharp Shooter Keychain

Patented Sharp Shooter Self-Defense Keychain was created by Bob Moran based on many years of experience in self-defense and security.  This unique device was made using a parachute cord to withstand the force of being whipped at 75mph. The Sharp Shooter allows you to:


  • Rely on a lightweight, discrete and very simple but powerful self-defense tool
  • Deliver a quick, accurate, effective and extremely strong blow to an assailant – which can literally save your life in a second and allow you to escape from a potentially fatal assault
  • Feel safer with a well-designed personal security device that’s made from ultra-strong paracord (the same material used on parachutes), with a black vinyl grip at the end, and which is super easy to use
  • Be sure that, while it can work tremendously well in keeping you safe, unlike pepper sprays and stun guns, it will never accidentally injure yourself or anyone who doesn’t deserve to feel its impact
  • Disguise it as a normal keychain which can be effectively used as an unexpected self-defense weapon that will surprise and deter any assailant
  • Whether you’re stronger or more delicate, multiply the impact of your strength, delivering a serious blow, no matter how old or young, tall or short, strong or delicate, you are



July 2017 Special Offer

Any new adult student who signed up for a minimum of 1 month of classes Clark's Self Defense during the month of July will receive a free patented Sharp Shooter keychain and 1 hour training session.  ($50 value)

Schedule your Sharp Shooter training session today!


Learn how to use this unique self defense device.  You can schedule a session for yourself or for a group of people. 

You will receive your very own sharp shooter keychain and 1 hour of training.

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