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Clark's Self Defense Studio

Self Defense for Women

Our Self Defense for Women Workshops are run in conjunction with National Self Defense Institute.


The Level 1 Self Defese for Women is by far our most popular workshop. It is a basic workshop that focuses on simple but effective ways women can protect themselves. During the 1 - 1.5 hour workshop you will learn about the importance of not looking like a victim and ways to deter a possible attack.  You will be introduced to self defense techniques that are designed to be quick and effective, with only a few movements.  Using these techniques, women have the ability to free themselves and escape after being grabbed or held by an attacker. 


This is a great workshop for beginners and younger women.  It can be adapted to an intermediate level, our Level 2 Self Defense for Women, for those who have some experience in self defense or want a more intense workshop.


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